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Cooling overheated tools with a Cold Air Gun

Cooling overheated tools with a Cold Air Gun

If you use high-powered machinery to drill, cut, grind, melt, and more – you know that the tools of the trade can become hotter than the depths of Hades. When machinery or tools become that hot, the risk of premature wear and breaking rises. One of the best ways to quickly and efficiently cool down overheating tools is to use a Cold Air Gun.

Pull the Trigger on The Heat

Utilizing a cold air gun is a great way to improve cool machining applications. Being powered by a Vortex Tube, the only source needed to cool down is compressed air. This removes the need for costly – and often toxic – chemicals to act as a coolant or oils. The Vortex Tube system uses a compressed air vortex to shoot a stream of extremely cold air directly at a heat source – cooling it in seconds. With a magnetic base, the cold air gun can be quickly mounted to any machinery and shoot a continuous stream of cold air while you work. The gun can even act as a cleaning mechanism, blowing dirt and debris away from the focus of your work.

The Specs

Most cold air guns create a concentrated stream of cold air that can be as cold as 50º F (28º C) below the air that is coming into the unit. They all come with muffling units to keep the sound quiet, and the Vortex Tube system ensures that there is little maintenance or moving parts needed to operate. Since it uses only compressed air the cold gun doesn’t run the risk of electrical issues.

The biggest advantage of the cold air gun system is its replacement of costly coolants and lubricants that are required by other cooling systems. You will save thousands of dollars by simply attaching the cold air gun to your machining operations and letting the air do the work! Cold Air Gun is offered in different cooling capacities, making it a perfect choice for a job large or small.

The next time you are in the market for a powerful weapon to battle the heat, consider picking up a cold air gun – you’ll never go back!