How to protect electrical systems with temperature control

How to protect electrical systems with temperature control

When the heat rises, the environment can be deadly for costly electrical panels. The stories we hear of customers losing their valuable electrical systems due to overheating are tragic – and unfortunately, all-too-common.

For electrical panels or internal electrical components, here’s a quick rule of thumb: each time an electrical component rises ten degrees Celsius above its manufactured operational temperature, the life of that piece of equipment is cut in half. That means that you will be fixing or replacing costly electrical systems twice as fast as you should if you allow the heat to become too high.

So, what are you to do? Install an air-conditioning unit near your electrical panels? Too inefficient. Place a fan or blower directly in front of the unit? Too dangerous. (Not to mention, ugly!)

When it comes to cooling electrical panels or server systems, consider using a cabinet cooler – a great piece of cooling equipment that can keep your electrical elements cooled down – as well as your stress! In case you have electrical equipment inside your renovated basement that needs to be cooled down, you can use cabinet coolers for them as well.

The Low-Down on Cabinet Coolers

Our cabinet coolers are powered by a Vortex Tube, which uses only compressed to separate super-cool air and super-hot air. Without any moving parts or the need for cooling fuel such as freon or electricity, a cabinet cooler is a safe and efficient option to use in electrical systems.

Cabinet Coolers can be built to fit nearly any type or shape of cabinet panel. You can also maintain your desired NEMA rating. Cabinet coolers can cool down a cabinet the size of a computer CPU unit or a size of a room. With cooling capacities ranging from 560 to 7200 BTU you can be sure all cabinet sizes are covered.

Cool Down Fears with a Cabinet Panel Cooler

If things get too hot, electronics will fail or shut down – leading to expensive and annoying lapses in service and output. You could even risk frying vital systems or losing irreplaceable data. With a cabinet panel cooler, you can take away the risk of losing elements to harsh conditions through a quick and easy installation process. Find out how a cabinet panel cooler can keep your systems running better and longer today!