Save your pipes and pocket book with Air wipes

Save your pipes and pocket book with Air wipes

One of the most difficult parts of keeping your industry running at a thriving, healthy pace is ensuring that valuable pipes and wires remain clean, dry and cool. When not properly cleaned and dried prior to storing, unwanted rust forms costing you time and money.

An easy way to ensure the long-life of your pipes is to install an air wipe. With an air wipe, you can use the power of air to clean away dust, grime, coolants and other harmful elements from your pipes, wire, cable and just about any round profile, in a quick and efficient way! Let’s take a look at how air wipes operate:

How Air Wipes Work

We all know that when you need a spill or residue cleaned away, you reach for the nearest wipe and slide it across – making the mess disappear like magic. An air wipe operates that magic in a similar way using the wiping power of air!

Most air wipes are created of aluminum or stainless steel and are either clamped or threaded around the material they are cleaning. Having completely surrounded the pipe, the air wipe is connected to a compressed air source. The wipe uses a compressed air inlet to force air around and along the pipe in a 360-degree fashion. A 30:1 air amplification ratio makes them very efficient. The force of the air blows away any particulate matter or harmful residue, while safely protecting the element the air wipe is attached to. This process is efficient and safe, and over time can save you money and headaches!

An Example of Air Wipes In Action

Need an example of an air wipe in action? Consider the following:

Imagine that you are working with a piece of machinery that extrudes to produce a length of tubing. During the process of creation, the extruding element begins to heat up to the point that the tubing beings to lose their shape and rigidity. By adding a set of air wipes to the extruding tube, the airflow can cool the elements while they are in action, and ensure that the tubing maintains its shape! Over time, this process could save you a lot of time and money from recreating new tubing and throwing out broken or wasted material.

Saving time and money begins with small investments – begin with adding the power of an air wipe system to your system!