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What is a venturi vacuum

What is a venturi vacuum?

What is a Venturi vacuum?

What is a venturi vacuum

Air-driven Venturi vacuum generators are an advantageous option for fast-response and localized powered vacuum systems. During the last decade, they became convenient and flexible solutions for users worldwide.

Meanwhile, many users remain misinformed. They don’t fully understand the benefits of this product nor its purposes. Several manufacturers call them different names such as pumps, ejectors, transducers, which causes further conflict. To some users, this invention is bread and butter, while it’s a total waste of air for others. Let’s find out the truth that lies behind the venturi vacuum.

In the 18th century, Giovanni Venturi discovered that when is air goes through a constricted area, velocity increases, and the pressure decreases. This discovery eventually leads to one of the most controversial inventions today: The Venturi vacuum generator.

Venturi vacuum generators rely on the flow of compressed air, gas, or liquid as the motivational fluid to create a vacuum in a designated area.

Venturi vaccum valve

Venturi vacuums move fluids and gases through a narrow pipe. Gases move through the first chamber before moving it to a secondary one. As the compressed air leaves the original destination and flows to more extensive open lines, the pressure falls, and velocity increases. The increased intensity forms what we call a vacuum. This vacuum draws a fuel and mixes with air to atomize the process. As the throttle valve opens, fuel is forced into the engine to create more power. The intake supplements the suction needed for the application.

An effortless process, the absence of moving parts increases life expectancy. They are entirely air powered and require no electrical outlet nor lubricant.

Venturi vacuum system

While there are several types of vacuum pumps, the venturi vacuum is by far the simplest. From small sampling usages to large industrial ones, a Venturi system is used in several industries and has several advantages. The main one being light and compact device for travel. Simple to configure with a straight-forward design, the lack of twists and turns prevents clogging and move any material with ease. Venturi vacuums require next to no maintenance. Choosing a low-pressure vacuum pump can serve energy costs and is the less expensive to purchase.

The most common applications include cooling, drying, and cleaning. Vapor evacuation, air conditioning service, water aspirators, and firefighting foam nozzles are some of the most recognized commercial applications today.

Vacuum technology hasn’t changed much over the centuries. Meanwhile, taking into consideration the purposes of each product and its end-users enables companies to choose the best solution for their industry. Discover the benefits behind Bernoulli’s principle and explore Supreme Air Products equipment like the stainless Vortex tube and other pneumatic tools.