Who is Daniel Bernoulli?

Who is Daniel Bernoulli?


Daniel Bernoulli, a Swiss mathematician, and physicist is the most distinguished professional for his work on hydrodynamics. He studied mathematics and was involved in pioneering work on the kinetic theory of gases.

Daniel Bernoulli family

Born on January 29th, 1700, in Groningen, Netherlands, his expertise is extremely elaborated in various domains such as mechanics, physics, and astronomy.

Second son Johann Bernoulli, a noted mathematician, his knowledge expanded quickly. He was born into a succession of mathematicians who were prone to a bitter rivalry.

Daniel studied medicine to alleviate his dad’s consciousness and earned his baccalaureate and master’s degree in medicine. During his studies, he came about his father’s and brother’s work, where he made rapid progress in the field.

Bernoulli couldn’t abandon his love for mathematics. He was eager to unravel the secrets of the universe and follow the footsteps of his predecessors.

Daniel Bernoulli principle

In 1723-1724, he wrote on differential equations and the physics of flowing water, which won him a position among an influential Academy. Daniel Bernoulli lectured as a professor in St. Petersburg, Russia, until 1732.

He accomplished his finest work in this institution and worked on several fields, including probabilities and oscillations.

The loss of his brother Nicolaus within the first few years of his mathematics professorship altered his teaching methods, and the bitter weather didn’t improve his spirits.

His father sent out his best student Leonard Euler to assist him in his research. Both Leonard and Daniel dominated the mechanics of flexible and elastic bodies. During this time, they made fundamental discoveries that included the movement of musical instruments’ strings. They are composed of unlimited harmonic vibrations superimposed on the ropes.

Highly supported by scholars and admired by the public, he then returned to Switzerland and changed his focus to theoretical physics and speculative philosophy.

His reputation was inaugurated in 1738 with Hydrodynamica by evaluating the properties of fluid flow. His discovery was far more advanced than his time and governed the famous equation behind aerodynamics’ modern technology. He put forward the Bernoulli principle, which states that a fluid’s pressure decreases when the velocity increases.

Both his father and he were awarded a joint prize to recognize their partnership. Johann couldn’t perceive his son as an equal, and the household was once again divided.

In this treatise, Daniel also discovered a remarkable treatment of gas pressure. He drove the correct expression for the resulting tension, anticipating the approach we adopted 100 years later.

Daniel Bernoulli education

Over the years, Daniel won 10 prizes from the Paris Academy of Science for work on astronomy, gravity, magnetism, and more. His prize winnings reflect his success on science’s frontiers and genuine interest in the public about trending scientific problems.

After the disagreement with his father in 1734, Daniel lost most of this drive to study mathematics. Bernoulli became interested in sound phenomena in the latest part of this life and accepted various botany and anatomy posts. His latest work involved the probability theory of practical matters of male and female births. He died peacefully in Basel on March 17th, 1782.

His work influenced several different fields, including mathematics, physics, and chemistry. To this day, his discoveries are used nationwide and became a world-class teaching subject.

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Image: ETH-Bibliothek Wikipedia commons, Source: Wikipedia