What is air consumption

What is air consumption?


The volume of a cylinder, the cycle time, and the inlet air pressure all affect air consumption. It’s usually measured in Normal Cubic Feet Per Minute (SCFM) of free air, with “Standard” referring to a temperature of 70°F and a pressure of 1000 feet above sea level (standard atmosphere).

On pneumatic ventures, air consumption varies greatly depending on the size of the cylinders and their cycle times, as well as the cost.

Air consumption calculator

The formula for measuring a cylinder’s air consumption is shown below; enter your own values for Bore size, stroke duration, cycles per minute, and inlet pressure to calculate the SCFM consumed. You will also want to measure the air intake of the tubing between the valve and the cylinder, depending on the size and duration of the tubing.

This tubing consumption calculator is based on a double-acting cylinder with the same length supply tubing on both the extension and retraction ports.

Air consumption unit

The amount of compressed air can be calculated in a variety of ways. The use of compressed air for goods is often expressed in normal litres per minute or normal cubic metres per hour. When compressed air consumption is expressed in different units, it can be difficult to compare goods.

The volume is expressed in either normal litres (Nl) or normal cubic metres (Ncm) in pneumatics (Nm3).

Compressed Air consumption chart

This chart will help you determine how much CFM your air compressor would need to operate different air tools. The Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) required by a specific tool is clearly stated. That is a volume calculation. An air compressor’s tank size determines how much CFM it can produce. To use this map, you’ll need to know the PSI (pounds per square inch) and CFM that a specific air tool uses, then check to see if your air compressor can handle it.

Most air tools work at 90 to 100 psi, and most air compressors, from the smallest to the largest, can easily achieve this pressure.

Air consumption calculation for pneumatic cylinder

To determine the HP load that a reciprocating air cylinder would impose on an air compressor, the power required to operate the cylinder with its circuit losses must first be determined. The additional HP needed to compensate for compression losses caused by compressing to a high pressure and then reducing through a pressure regulator should then be calculated and added.

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